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About Karen Doherty

Karen Doherty

I am a fully qualified Psychosexual Therapist and Relationship Coach, with over 20 years experience. I also work with couples where AS or ADHD is present. 

I have specialised in neuro diversity for the past ten years and now offer training and supervision to therapists entering the field.

I am a founder member of Reframe Counselling in Canary Wharf and Mayfair. In addition I am a founding member of the Relationship Clinic Sussex, based in Brighton.

My professional memberships include:

  • COSRT accredited, (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists)
  • BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy)
Karen Doherty, Relationship Therapist

What I do

I offer a blend of therapy and and coaching creating a bespoke package for each couple I work with.

Relationship Therapy and Coaching

I provide a safe space for couples to learn how to embrace their differences, communicate and repair their relationship.

Using my innovative coaching model that integrates the psychodynamic with behavioural techniques, we work together to navigate the issues, restore communication and begin to rebuild trust.

Once your couple is out of crisis mode we can go deeper into the therapeutic work to strengthen the love and understanding that can rekindle the original connection.

I speak to couples across all of life’s stages: those just starting out, those experiencing life transitions, couples in crisis, couples trying to recover from an affair, loss of sexual and intimate connection, and the challenges of grief and loss.

Why I do what I do 

I am passionate about the couple relationship. I believe that a couple offers the safest, kindest base for any of us to move into the world, develop, grow and thrive as individuals and together. 

When an individual feels as if there is another person on their team then life work, managing families, illness and life challenges can feel slightly less daunting. The quality of our relationships enhances the quality of our lived experience. My work is to help reinstate harmony, joy and stability to those who have lost touch with this in their couple.


How I work

I offer help in different formats for clients so that they can get the best from it. These can be weekly coaching sessions, coaching packages and intensive vision days.

Running through each format is a core framework. We will always explore the issues and contextualise them through both developmental and neurodiverse interpretations. Then an assessment of what the couple needs to work on and practical tools to improve the couple’s communication.

My Values

  • To provide a consistent safe space for clients exploration of their couple
  • To maintain my skill set to reflect current learning and thinking 
  • To provide compassionate and attentive listening
  • To maintain the procedures , confidentiality and integrity as laid out in the governing bodies of UKCP, BACP, COSRT

Accreditations and professional development

  • PG Dip in Individual and Relationship Therapy (Tavistock Centre for Relationships)
  • MSC Psychosexual Therapy
  • Internship EMFT
  • BACP Member
  • COSRT 
  • UKCP Accredited


Upon completing my training at TCCR,  I opened a clinic in Canary Wharf with colleagues, Reframe Counselling. We opened a second branch in Mayfair and recruited more therapists of repute. The team specialises in couples and relationships and we met every fortnight for supervision.

In 2016 I gave my first talk about how neuro diversity may impact couple relationships.

In 2019 I gave a presentation to CORST on how High Functioning Aspergers can impact couples.

Since the pandemic I have launched two online courses ‘Focused on Autism’ and ‘ADHD and relationships’. These are for couples wishing to understand how neurodivergence can impact their relationship.

Download Guide to Limerence in ADHD relationships

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