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Neurodiverse Specialist Couples Therapist


ND Couples Relationship Course

Our online course has been specifically designed for couples impacted by neurodiversity. Six week course from 18 June – 23 July.

ND Specialist Therapist

I specialise in the following areas:

  • Couples impacted by Autism 
  • Couples impacted by ADHD
  • Couples Coaching
ND Couples Therapy
ADHD Icon, Karen Doherty Coaching

ADHD in relationships

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an increasingly recognised neurological condition. It can show up as inattentiveness, impulsiveness and an inability to cope with life.

ADHD impacts both partners. The couple’s relationship is affected by difficulties with communication, managing emotional regulation, and compromised executive function.

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Autism in relationships

AS impacts couples communication. For help to be effective, there needs to be a deep understanding of how AS traits impact a couple.

I’ll work with you both to understand the condition, improve communication and strengthen your connection.

I’ll share strategies and tools that help you manage the impact of AS on your couple connection.

Neurodivergence in couples

Whilst some of the behavioural presentations of AS / ADHD are different within a couple, the actual effect on the couple dynamic is remarkably similar. The couple coaching I do is equally effective whether working with either or both conditions. The coaching is designed to engage both members of the couple. 

The aim is for both people to take equal responsibility in managing the effects of the condition on their couple connection and their families.

How couples coaching can help Neurodivergent couples

My background in Neurodiverse Couples Coaching

Neurodiversity is now widely spoken about. This was not the case 12 years ago when I started learning about and working with neurodivergent couples.

My work had often centred around high-conflict couples. My practice locations of Canary Wharf (with highly functioning financiers) and Mayfair (with highly functioning creatives) was overflowing with such couples.

However, in 2012 a particular client approached me specifically and asked how much I knew about female ADHD. The real answer was very little so I contacted my much loved American colleague who specialised in this and there began my passion for working with neurodivergence.

American therapists and coaches had been working with both male and female ADHD for years. The legends, Russell Berkley, John Ratey, Melissa Orlov and Sari Solden were all sharing their work with the world. 

My practice was busy and I recognised that my name had started to spread in the world of neurodivergent couple work.

In 2016 I held my first talk to other therapists about my work with mixed reviews! It was new and it potentially contradicted current thinking around psychodynamic work with couples. 

Since then my knowledge of neurodivergence has been integrated into my work alongside my couple training. Through this, I created the coaching models I now use. 

Today, I regularly train other therapists and am asked to talk and give workshops on working with couples impacted by neurodivergence.

Many more people are presenting with the dual diagnosis of ADHD & AS in the UK currently. Here in the UK, Maxine Aston was the first to publish her work around living with Aspergers. 

Other professionals like Tony Attwood and Eva Mendes are continuing to research and publish. The advances in neuroscience are redefining our knowledge of the brain including the conditions of Autism and ADHD.

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