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Relationship Therapist

Couples Therapy

After qualifying as a couple and individual therapist from The Tavistock, myself and colleagues created a private practice in Canary Wharf. 

Very quickly, I decided that the couple relationship was the most interesting dynamic for me. My passion began then and ever since I have worked exclusively with clients as a relationship therapist.

Over the past ten years, and through working extensively with neurodivergent couples I have devised a therapeutic coaching package that combines my skills as a therapist and my knowledge and practical skills as a coach.

Couples have a choice when working with me. I offer Couples Therapy which follows a more traditional approach of weekly sessions. I also offer coaching packages, in six-week blocks, and intensive vision days.

Hands illustration, Karen Doherty, Relationship Therapist

Couples Therapy can help with:

  • Reconnecting
  • Repairing communication 
  • Uncoupling graciously
  • Laying the foundations for a healthy relationship
  • Sex and intimacy issues
  • Couples in crisis

Karen’s approach to Couples Coaching

Couple reconnection

Relationships are ever-changing . Partners and partnerships mature , children grow and leave, jobs are successful or not and gradually couples age. Sometimes a safe space to chat through these and other shifts can help you recalibrate and improve your connection. 

Repairing communication 

Communication is the fundamental tenet for a functioning and loving connection. Short term, focused work on repairing lost communication helps you rekindle your connection.

Laying the foundations for a healthy relationship

What makes a healthy relationship? 

Initial attraction is based on an unconscious experience of the other. Whilst physical and intellectual attractions are conscious, a couple is identifying lost or hidden parts of themselves in each other in an unconscious way. The relationship is an amalgam of all of this and more. The joy of relationships is the offer of a whole self. How often do people report meeting their “soulmate”?

This starts the wonderful exploration of each other and the process of uniting respectfully, lovingly into a couple. Keeping it at a healthy place is learning how to dance between being your own authentic self and yet being able to be interdependent, vulnerable and intimate with another.

Uncoupling graciously

When a relationship ends the impact is profound. It affects children, families of origin, careers and work relationships, social status, friendship groups and financial status. The more amicable and gracious the relationship ending is, the better the health of both the individuals, children and everyone else who is left in. I work before the mediation process to help a couple process the decision to end their relationship and help them formulate how their new relationship as former partners, friends and co- parents may look like.

Couples Counselling

A traditional weekly couple therapy session. This follows a more classical approach where the couple decides on weekly sessions. These sessions are used to explore your developmental background including family of origin, education and couple attraction. This format can be an open ended agreement. This enables you to take your time to work through your couple fit, address the issues and reflect on what may improve your connection.

Bespoke Couple Coaching Package

We’ll have an initial consultation followed by a block of six sessions. 

The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to think about your couple together, identify the difficulties and how I can help. I will design a bespoke coaching package to address your situation.

Our sessions take place either online or in person. These sessions are designed to explore your couple issues, focus on education, reflection and developing behavioural strategies to improve your couple connection. If after six sessions  you feel you need more time we can work together to decide the best format for that to take.

Vision Days

I love these days. For some couples, the general pace of life, work and family leaves no space for them.

This day is designed to deal with current issues that are creating discord between a couple. Vision days provide a different environment, a strategic approach to the issues and a reaffirmation of the values, goals and aspirations of the couple.

We can agree on the location. The format of the day falls into four defined sections.

  1. Initial consultation and exploration of issues, the story of your couple and a look at your families of origin.
  2. Assessment of the couple and what they may need to improve connection.
  3. A walk where we chat about the hopes and aspirations of you as a couple. Goal setting for the couple.
  4. We discuss a range of strategies and behavioural changes. I’ll share resources for you to take away.

We have a check in after a month. This is an online meeting to address any issues that are outstanding.


Couple Counselling prices start from £150.00 per session

Couple Coaching packages start from £1,200 including the initial consultation.

Vision Days – the price depends on location, facilities and travel. However, prices start at £1,500.

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