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Couple Vision Days

Vision days

A Vision Day can be used for a deep dive into your relationship, a relationship MOT, to address a current issue causing concern, or because you have a shortage of time together.

I offer a day where you can spend time as a couple thinking, talking, walking and envisioning how you want your couple to be.

I love these days. Vision Days provide a different environment, a strategic approach to the issues and a reaffirmation of the values, goals and aspirations of your couple.

What to expect

We start with an initial consultation either in person or online. This is 1.5 hours and gives me a chance to meet you both. We think together about what you would like to achieve over the course of the day. I then create the content of your day.

We’ll agree a good date and location. The location is at your discretion and does affect the overall cost of the day.

The day itself  falls into four defined sections.

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Vision Day itinerary 

  • After coffee and hello the morning is spent reviewing how a couple finds itself in the current position of disconnect. Past and present histories, behaviours and issues are thoroughly explored
  • Lunch is spent with the couple together
  • Early afternoon we’ll go for a walk. Preferably somewhere that helps us all get in touch with nature a park, hotel grounds, beachside. This part of the day is for reflection on what has come up so far.
  • We spend the afternoon agreeing and mapping change, whatever that looks like for your couple. It could be practical change, like work life balance decisions, or more behavioural change where we address toxic cycles and I provide tools to manage them more effectively

The Vision Day is just for your couple. A day to be together, listen and learn from each other and reconnect. 

Follow up

We’ll have a follow up session one month later to check in on your progress and the success of your day.


The starting price is £1,500, but it is impacted by the location and the format of the day. We’ll agree the price in advance. 

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