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Specialist Couples Coach

Couples run into misunderstanding. Life, careers, children and families all take their toll on a couple and its connection. I provide a space where couples can work through these difficulties and the consequences. 

This format could be:

  • A conversation 
  • A more detailed exploration of your history
  • An assessment of your current crisis 
  • Providing insight and strategies to understand and improve your daily communication.
Types of couples coaching
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Couples Coaching

Currently couples and families are under so much pressure from the outside world. So I work in a way that helps couples to make the changes they need to improve their connection in the present. I design a bespoke coaching package for your.situation.

I use a blended method of psychotherapy, conversation and coaching techniques to achieve a change in your couple communication. 

You can choose an approach that fits your lifestyle and availability. 

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Couples in Crisis

Every couple experiences moments of crisis. Many become overwhelmed and flooded with the situation. Seeking out a therapist at this time can provide stability and space for dealing with what is going on.

Crisis comes in many forms: loss, disappointment, affairs, illness, career pressures, difficult parenting relationships. However, with an experienced couple worker, much of this can be processed, learned about, managed together and used to enrich and strengthen the couple bond once the distress is over.

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Sex and Intimacy 

Many people can experience changes in their desires, feelings and preferences that can affect their intimate connection to another. However it can be difficult to start the conversation, for fear of hurting your partner, or not feeling safe to explore your feelings, if the couple is not communicating freely.

Using a combination of all my skills from psychodynamic and psychosexual learning, I hold a safe space where these sensitive issues can be broached.

I may use tools like Sensate Focus exercises, or concentrate on past experience to help a couple unpick what is going on for each partner.

If a couple can talk to each other honestly then change happens. Feelings of shame and guilt can dissipate and new understanding can flourish. 

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Vision Days

A vision day provides a different environment to deal with current issues that are creating discord between you. We take a strategic approach to the issues and reaffirm the values, goals and aspirations of your couple.

We’ll have an initial consultation which is usually online. This is a chance for us to meet and discuss what you would like to achieve from the day. Once agreed I design the day to meet the criteria.

On the day we review how you’ve arrived at your current position. We’ll take a walk to reflect on what has come up so far.

The afternoon is spent agreeing and mapping change. You take away clarity about what happened before and tools so that the future can be different.

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