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ADHD Couples Therapy

ND Couples Relationship Course

Our online course has been specifically designed for couples impacted by neurodiversity. Six week course from 18 June – 23 July.
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ADHD impacted Couples Coaching

ADHD is often the unknown third in a couple. There is a growing body of information about this condition, but often it is difficult for couples to identify how it impacts their couple dynamic.

ADHD is a complex condition spanning emotional dysregulation, communication issues, impaired executive function and more. These difficulties can impact the connection between the partners. 

If a couple do not realise that ADHD is present then there can be a high level of disconnect, disharmony feelings of failure and hurt. If you are a couple impacted by neurodiversity, it’s vitally important that therapy is suitable to your needs and your relationship challenges. 

Traditional methods of therapy often fail to recognise the impact that ADHD can have on a couple.

How ADHD can impact relationships

Some of the difficulties experienced in the relationship stem from the prevailing traits of ADHD. Emotional reactivity in these partnerships can be profoundly damaging as it can seem like you are fighting endlessly without reaching consensus or solution.

Communication issues can cause disappointment and frustration. Whilst impaired executive function can cause repetitive issues around short term memory, disorganisation, unfinished tasks, procrastination and impulsivity.

The differences and difficulties mount up and when children arrive become multiplied and overwhelming.

How couples coaching can help Neurodivergent couples

How Couples Coaching works

Couple Coaching with me combines education, interpretation, reflection and strategies. Couples report almost immediate improvements as increased awareness of each other calms the couple dynamic and improves the relationship. 

  • Education as to how ADHD impacts behaviours and therefore the couple communication
  • Education and strategies to help you improve your communication within your couple and achieve a kinder and more compassionate connection.

What to expect

The Coaching Packages begin with an Initial Consultation followed by six sessions. 

  • Sessions are every two weeks to give you time to process the session and practice techniques at home.
  • Each session will focus on a trait that is causing difficulty to the couple, e.g. overwhelm, burnout, compromised social interactions, emotional dysregulation.
  • We will reflect on your history as a couple using a neurodiverse lens.
  • We aim to give you another dimension to understanding your history and current relationship
  • I share strategies and behavioural changing tools as a couple you will take them home to implement them
  • A final session to think about whether the work we have done is sufficient, or whether you need any further help as a couple.
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Outcome of therapy

Couples that complete the six sessions always report a significant difference in the quality of their communication and connection. Some choose to do another set of sessions where they may choose to take a deeper dive into their past.

Ongoing support 

You are always able to contact me for support. Many of my couples do periodically check in. Couples may contact me with an issue that is still lurking or come to me for an MOT on their couple as I know and understand their history.


The coaching package starts at £1,200 including an initial consultation. We negotiate prices for further sessions, depending on what you need.

I also offer an online group course for £500. Read more about the course here »

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