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Relationship Counselling for Couples in Crisis

Every couple experiences moments of crisis. Some have the support and skill sets to navigate them alone. Many become overwhelmed and flooded with the situation. Seeking out a therapist at this time can provide stability and space for dealing with what is going on.

Crisis comes in many forms: loss, disappointment, affairs, illness, career pressures, difficult parenting relationships. With an experienced couple worker difficulties can be processed, learned about, managed together and used to enrich and strengthen your bond once the distress is over.

Karen Doherty, Relationship Therapist Brighton

Sadly, many people make the call for help when the relationship has deteriorated into crisis. They are often emotionally escalated, angry, fearful, and confused. When a couple reaches this state, it is almost impossible for them to communicate in a helpful way.

At this point, a skilled practitioner can make a real difference to the outcome of the issues brought to the therapy. The creation of a safe space where the couple can express themselves, listen and feel heard will calm the emotional turmoil; and make way for a conversation to begin.

How we begin

The work begins with this containment and facilitation of communication which can then develop into a more thorough exploration of the reasons why the couple feels so desperately unhappy.  The process can then continue with a look at the present and how the couple can go forward.

This type of therapy is for couples who:

  • Have a relationship is in crisis
  • Are angry fearful or confused
  • Are emotionally escalated 
  • Feel unhappy

What to expect

I create a safe space where the both of you can express yourselves, listen and feel heard.

We will calm the emotional turmoil; and make way for a conversation to begin.

We start with containment and facilitation of communication. This can develop into a more thorough exploration of the reasons why your couple feels so desperately unhappy.

We then look at the present and how your couple can go forward.

What to expext from couples therapy, for couples in Crisis, Karen Doherty Coaching

How we can work together

Couples Counselling

A traditional weekly couple therapy session. This follows a more classical approach where the couple decides on weekly sessions. These sessions are used to explore your developmental background including family of origin, education and couple attraction. This format can be an open-ended agreement. This enables you to take your time to work through your couple fit, address the issues and reflect on what may improve your connection.

Bespoke Couple Coaching Package

We’ll have an initial consultation followed by a block of six sessions. 

The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to think about your couple together, identify the difficulties and how I can help. I will design a bespoke coaching package to address your situation.

Our sessions take place either online or in person. These sessions are designed to explore your couple issues, focus on education, reflection and developing behavioural strategies to improve your couple connection. If after six sessions you feel you need more time, we can work together to decide the best format for that to take.


Couple counselling prices start from £150.00 per session

Couple Coaching packages start from £1,200 including the initial consultation.

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