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Karen Doherty Coaching

Specialist Couples Coach


Hello I’m Karen and I’m so glad you’re here

I provide a safe space for couples to embrace each other’s differences, improve communication and repair your relationship.

I am a Specialist couples therapist and coach offering  strategies to couples who want to communicate and reconnect. Over the past 22 years I have designed my own programmes to meet the needs of my successful, but, in crisis clients.  I’ll work with you to, explore  your relationship’s current difficulties, learn the roots of the behaviour, reflect and create tools for you to repair and rekindle a connection. I want couples to learn to love and embrace their differences and reconnect in new, fresh ways. 

Relationships are the core of our wellbeing and our sense of personal fulfilment. I want to help you open up a conversation between yourselves  that can honestly change the way you are relating to each other. This may feel too difficult to do alone but in the safe space I create couples can  rewrite their stories and live in a more intimate and connected way.  

Couples Coaching

I use bespoke coaching programmes designed for your couple.

Based on your situation and issues I use a blended method of psychotherapy,  conversation and coaching techniques to achieve a change in your couple communication. 

The bespoke coaching packages are designed for you to choose which one fits your lifestyle and availability. They all move a couple from miscommunication through to a rekindling of connection using a combination of face to face work, online sessions, intensive vision days and  group work.

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Couples Coaching

I tailor make a programme for your couple. Your programme is designed to take you from a state of disconnect and unhappiness, to a place where you can rekindle romance, love and fun.

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Couples in Crisis

I quickly identify issues and patterns of behaviour. We restore communication so that you can work through issues that have frustrated and separated you. We create a new, honest environment for communication.

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Sex & Intimacy 

It can be difficult to find the right time or place to discuss our intimate life. Psychosexual couple coaching can really help to explore underlying issues safely, without blame but with knowledge and strategies to improve  connection.

Neuro Diverse Couples Coaching

I specialise in working with couples that identify as neurodivergent. For the past ten years I have worked extensively with couples that want to learn and understand the impact of neurodiversity on their couple connection. I use my psychodynamic therapist training as a core skill but have a neurodivergent lens that enables me to interpret the disconnects of my couples more accurately. 

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AS Couples Coaching

Autistic Spectrum including High Functioning Autism impacts communication between a couple. 

Working alongside a couple to discover the effect that AS has on their daily lives is critical for the couple and their family to understand. Behaviours are often misunderstood and can cause negative feelings in the partners if there is little understanding of how the feelings have been triggered and their effects on each half of the partnership. 

Simple coaching  can change a couple connection very quickly. Learning and understanding the difference in the way neurodiverse and neurotypical brains process information improves the couple environment almost immediately.

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ADHD Couples Coaching

 ADHD has only been identified in adults for the past 15 yrs here in the UK. This has led to a tsunami of press and social media around the condition which is often  incorrect and misleading.

ADHD is a complex condition that affects far more people than ever known.
It affects couples profoundly. The intimate and emotional environment of the couple is a safe base and yet a very challenging place for ADHD.

Only therapists that really understand  couple theory and the condition can really interpret the couple dynamic and its difficulties.

 With expert help, compassion and willingness these couples can move from often desperate places to a place of growth , curiosity and happiness.

Who I work with

Clients come from every walk of life but I specialise in working with those in the creative industries, finance and technology. The history of  working in Mayfair and Canary Wharf  honed my knowledge of clients from the trading floor to the stage. Many of my clients are neurodivergent but every couple can benefit from the combination of therapy and coaching that I offer.

Karen Doherty, Relationship Therapist Brighton

Working Together

If you wish to book a session, please email me on

We start with an initial consultation. This is a meeting either face to face or online. It is an opportunity for us to think about your couple together, identify the difficulties and how I may be able  to help you.

If you decide to move forward then you can then decide on the coaching package that is most convenient for your couple. Once decided, dates are agreed and scheduled in and sessions begin.

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What to expect

Based on our joint availability we decide the format of the work. So whether it is a course of six sessions, an intensive day or a group session.

Once that’s agreed we identify the primary cause of distress to your couple.

The work is focused on changing behaviours in the present.  So we work through and interpret patterns and cycles of  behaviour.

Next we discuss the explanation and strategies to manage the dynamics.  You will  practise these strategies. You will gain a set of practical tools to take with you from the sessions. 

In the final session  we pull together  all of the work we’ve done and decide on next steps.

Client Testimonials

Why choose Karen Doherty

I have extensive practical experience with many thousands of hours working with couples. 

  • Extensive practical experience with many thousands of hours working with couples 
  • A commitment to ongoing professional development  ensuring that my knowledge and skills are permanently improved
  • Provides a kind compassionate and caring experience
  • Clear process that delivers results
  • Direct open and honest style

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