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Couples Coaching Packages

Relationships are central to our wellbeing and sense of personal fulfilment. Communication is at the core of healthy relationships.

I am a coach and psychotherapist, with more than 20 years of experience specialising in relationships.

I offer couples coaching packages to help you improve your relationship.

Couple Illustration, Karen Doherty Coaching, Relationship Therapist

Neurodiverse Couples Coaching –  online group course

Couple Fit is a six week online course designed for couples impacted by neurodiversity. It’s hosted by myself, Karen Doherty and Dianne Zaccheo. Both of us present and discuss the content and issues raised.

The course curriculum delivers information, education, strategies and peer to peer learning in a group meeting on zoom. Sessions last for two hours. We follow each session up with resources and notes, which we send to you via email the following day. 

couples coaching packages

The course covers:

  • Neurodiversity: it’s meaning and impact
  • Couple conflict
  • Communication
  • Executive function
  • Emotional regulation

We have a maximum of 12 couples on the course. The cost is £500.00 (per couple). The fee includes six group learning sessions and learning resources. If you are an individual, please contact us for more information.

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Neurodiverse Relationships Coaching Packages

 I specialise in working with neurodiversity – its  brilliance and its difficulties. Together we move  couples from resentment, misunderstanding and hopelessness to a place of greater understanding and connection.

Package price starts at £1,200.

If you are a couple impacted by neuro-diversity, it’s vitally important that therapy is suitable to your needs and your relationship challenges. 

Traditional methods of therapy often fail to recognise the impact that neurodivergence can have on a couple.

I offer coaching in a package of six sessions. 

The first six sessions is £1,200. We can negotiate subsequent package prices based on what you need.

  • We begin with an initial consultation for you to share your specific relationship challenges. This helps me understand your relationship dynamic and where you would like to make improvements. 
  • We’ll work together to agree your relationship goals.
    Once we’ve agreed your goals, we focus on practical strategies and tools, formulated for you as a couple to achieve your goals. 
  • We’ll look at which changes to put in place first for the quickest improvements and then look at longer term strategies to maintain your relationship balance.

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Couples Bespoke Vision Day

This is an intensive course with just you and your partner. 

The course location is flexible based on where you are. 

We’ll have an initial consultation which is usually online. This is a chance for us to meet and discuss what you would like to achieve from the day. Once agreed I design the day to meet the criteria.

The format of the day falls into four defined sections.

  • The morning session is spent reviewing how you’ve arrived at your current position. We explore past and present histories, behaviours and issues.
  • Lunch is spent with the couple together.
    Early afternoon is a walk to reflect on what has come up so far.
  • The afternoon is spent agreeing and mapping change… whatever that looks like for you. 
  • You take away a clarity about what went before and tools so that the future can be different.

Vision Day prices start at £1,500, but do depend on the location and format of the day. We’ll agree that together. 

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Relationship Maintenance

Every couple needs to sit down and take stock of things that are happening within their relationship. We MOT our cars yearly to keep them moving and in the best condition. Our relationships also need this attention and greatly benefit from it.  Being with a third party makes this easier, so join me in person for a three hour intensive session where we will look at the following:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Work
  • Careers

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