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Psychosexual Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy for sex and intimacy issues

Relationships are affected by the changing dynamics of life events. Sometimes the intimate and sexual connection of a couple is compromised. This may be hard for a couple to communicate about. Guilt, loss of desire, exhaustion, boredom or physical challenges can all play into a loss of intimacy and affection.

I provide a space for these conversations to be had. If a couple need help getting this started the presence of a trained therapist can help.

Together we can explore the origins of the issues and process their effects on the present relationship.

Issues therapy can help with:

  • Loss of desire for partner or sex
  • Low sexual satisfaction
  • Erectile problems
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Sexual addiction
  • Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  • Vaginismus
  • Orgasmic difficulties
  • Addiction to internet pornography
psychosexual issues couples coaching

How therapy can help

Over time, I have developed many techniques and behavioural programmes to get to the root of your specific problem.

Therapy is an opportunity to completely reboot an intimate and physical connection. 

The work leaves couples feeling that they have thoroughly examined the reasons why they love each other and with a new curiosity around their couple intimacy.

Video on Pscyhosexual Couples Therapy

What to expect

Sometimes there is the use of a Sensate programme. A series of exercises prescribed to the couple to take away and practice at home. This is an opportunity for the couple to reconnect physically but very slowly and in an emotionally contained way.

During this programme sometimes deep unconscious issues can come to the surface and it is the opportunity for a couple to work on a very deep exploratory level.

The programme can take between six weeks and a year depending on how the couple want to use it. It is an opportunity to completely reboot an intimate and physical connection. 

Psychosexual Therapy process 

  • Initial consultation: We begin with an initial consultation for you to share your particular challenges. This helps me understand your current relationship dynamic. 
  • Identification of issues: We’ll explore the dynamic and identify the issues.
  • Therapeutic processing of couple current connection.
  • Instigation of psychosexual exercises and/or Sensate Focus Programme. I’ll give you exercises to take away and practise together. 
  • Processing sessions: After you have practised the exercises we’ll have sessions to process your experience.
  • Final ending. 
Therapy process diagram, Karen Doherty, Relationship Therapist


Couple counselling prices start from £150.00 per session

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