Introduction to couples coaching

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Working with relationships

My work is exclusively with  relationships. Everyone I work with  has a different story with endings, middles and beginnings, that are full of passion, emotion and feelings, both good and bad.

The ebb and flow of love working its way  through a life is the cause of our best and very worst experiences. When it begins,  love enlivens and stimulates, as it wains, it can provide a comfortable backdrop to our every day existence, and when it dies, it brings the worst of pain loss and grief.

I see clients at every stage of this process and work with each and everyone to help make sense of what is happening all around them.

The changing face of relationships

We are in  a time of questioning and challenge of some of the myths and expectations around relationships.

We are a species that intuitively seeks out energetic connections with others. We love,  attach, and depend on others. Our relationships are a dance… A finely tuned balance of autonomy and interdependence that  shifts silently  as the days pass.

We are continually seeking harmony , some sort of peace, or, at the very least a personal calm in this world.

Many seek this through connection with others. We have so many different choices  around the major relationships in our loves. Our myths no longer hold firm and the relationship has been pathologies a million times. But the world is different as are the ways we experience it.

Parents are probably no longer revered, feared or respected as they may have been.

Authority and structure are constantly being challenged in a society that questions the status quo.

Gender identity is no longer finite opening up opportunity for happiness and companionships that would never have been.

Our relationships are changing face. 

Working through the issues

if you feel swamped by this ever changing narrative, cannot find a balance or reasoning that keeps your relationships in a safe place, or just need some renegotiation of your couple  because things/ life and you have changed, come and see me. I work  as a classically trained couple psychotherapist, a conversation facilitator, and a coach.

You set the agenda with the needs you bring into my office. Together we create a programme to heal and regenerate your relationship. That may be moving onto the next phase in a positive way, or gracefully accepting that the relationship is ending in its current format.

A dialogue is needed and I can help to facilitate it…

Whether your couple is in crisis or looking to tackle a negative repetitive pattern we can work together  to identify, question and tackle the issue.