Rethinking a new deal

Do you still like each other, maybe even still love each other?

So, you’ve looked at your place in the world. Leaving isn’t easy, separated families don’t always thrive. The grass always looks a bright shade of green on the other side, but the reality can be very alarming and hostile.

If you were struggling to balance your work life, childcare, social lives, and friendships – it could get a whole lot harder.

You’ve seen your partner’s worse side, and you don’t like it. But, these flaws could be highlighted by proximity. Covid-19 eliminated the distractions of the ‘rat run,’ and staying home may have exposed your reality clear as daylight.

Rethinking a new deal…

What if you were forced to rethink, to recalibrate, to talk about options and value systems, work-life balance, and finances?

What if this recalibration led to ‘new deals,’ a rebirth and an improved appreciation of what your relationship could mean for you?

Is it time to rethink, to ask yourself – do you like each other enough to give yourselves a chance, the new start you might need?