Are you and your partner reading from different scripts?

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Are you and your partner reading from different scripts?

Blame, defence cycles…

  • Is your relationship loud, full of emotion and aggression?
  • Are you escalating through a never-ending cycle of complaint, blame, defence, blame?
  • Perhaps you’ve threatened to leave the relationship?
  • Or you’ve been living under this oppression since you first started dating and know you would be better alone.

But what if all this time you have been individually assuming that your partner thinks and processes in the same way as you regardless of the differences you’ve noticed between yourselves.

Communication issues…

You’re both experiencing difficulties in communication, understanding, and relating, and begin to withdraw without really understanding why.

Conditions impact emotions, memory, perception, and behaviour but neither of you holds the tools and solutions that are fundamental for change.

You are taking your partner’s responses to many situations personally and cannot understand why they react so dramatically – surely this is their fault, not yours?

Are you responding to your partner’s reactions without really understanding the cause?

Have you ever considered you might first need to identify this? 

You can remove the wedges that have been driven between you, you can change, but the first step is recognition and acknowledgement